Some day, some way, every business owner will exit their business. Let us give you control of that process.

Selling a business is an exciting yet increasingly complex and challenging process, with financial, legal, tax and lifestyle implications. Having experienced advisors with proven expertise working for you can make a substantial difference in the outcome.

A Complex Process...

Simplified .

Letting go of the enterprise that you’ve built is an emotional decision and converting the value that you’ve built over many years into maximum after-tax proceeds can be a difficult task. Salida alleviates much of the anxiety traditionally associated with such a significant undertaking and follows a process that enables us to broadly market businesses to qualified, financially capable buyers and investors while ensuring that confidentiality is maintained throughout the process, keeping the value of your business intact while we negotiate with qualified buyers on your behalf.


Our team collects and analyzes the financial and operating information of our Seller clients’ business and applies this data to a number of different valuation methodologies. We provide our clients with an informed view of what their business is truly worth and the price of which their business is most likely to transact at in the current marketplace.

The Right Eyes On Your Business

Our team has built and continually updates a large, proprietary internal database which includes thousands of pre-qualified buyers. We also work with industry-leading affiliate buyer networks and utilize a number of other unique approaches, including targeted searches and solicitations when applicable, to ensure that our clients’ business is getting the right exposure.

Leveraging a multi-faced marketing approach, our goal is to establish the best possible deal for our client’s business through a combination of comprehensive marketing and competitive bidding.

Tailored Marketing

Properly showcasing and communicating the true value of a business is critical to capturing buyers’ interests. We take pride in creating customized, comprehensive marketing material in-house, with all documents tailored to each client’s unique business. Our professionals work closely with you to understand the intricacies of your company, identifying its strengths, accomplishments, and growth opportunities. We then craft compelling and targeted marketing materials that resonate with potential buyers, setting your business apart in a competitive market.

We confidentially market your business by creating a high level Teaser document that provides potential buyers with enough initial information to determine whether the business is of interest to them, without disclosing the identity of the business or its owner. If a buyer is interested in receiving more information on the business, we then require the buyer to complete legal disclosure documents before providing the buyer with our Confidential Information Memorandum: A comprehensive marketing document designed to provide an overview of the business that can be used in making an offer on the business and serving as a powerful tool to secure financing if a Buyer’s offer is accepted.

Negotiating and Closing

There are many moving parts in a business transaction and Sellers may underestimate the importance of an advisor who understands all facets of a well-structured agreement and can structure deals that align with the Sellers financial objectives.

Our advisors will take the lead on negotiating offers with potential buyers, ensuring all material offer elements are addressed, while educating sellers on the implications of each so that sellers can make an informed decision. The journey doesn't end at the negotiation table - once an offer has been accepted by the Seller, we navigate any potential obstacles that may present themselves in the Due Diligence process, all while allowing the business owner to maintain their focus on running a successful business, ensuring that maximum value can be achieved for the owner when the closing date arrives.

From A to Z

Our advisors are actively involved in the transaction from initially valuing the Business through to the final stage in the process - Closing. Our advisors synchronize all parties involved in the transaction (Accountants, Lenders, Landlords, Franchisors, etc.) to avoid any delays in the process and to ensure a timely and successful transaction.

Planning Early

For many Owners, selling their business is the most important transaction of their lives and accordingly, it’s a transaction that needs to be managed properly. For optimal results, Owners should start planning early. 

Whether you plan to exit in the near future, 5 years, or 10 years in the future, it’s important to fully understand all your options and plan accordingly. We provide business owners with free, confidential consultations with the goal of educating owners on the selling process and the steps they can take to maximize the future value of their business.


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