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Is Respected

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A principle cornerstone of our business is respecting the confidentiality and privacy requirements of our clients to the fullest extent. Maintaining our customers’ information and affairs in strict confidence is a Salida commitment.

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Protecting your privacy and maintaining your confidentiality includes:

All the information related to your business is kept in the strictest confidence;
Your information (including the name and address of your business) is never sold or made available to any other firms;

You have control over how we use the information we have about your business;

We respect your privacy when we market our own products and services;

All potential purchasers are screened and must sign confidentiality agreements prior to receiving any confidential information, including the name of the business being presented.

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Maintaining Confidentiality

Confidentiality is imperative in selling a business. Marketing that your business is for sale introduces risk, largely in the form of uncertainties with employees, customers and suppliers, and can open the door to competitors, negatively impacting the value of your business. Confidentiality ensures that information is accessible only to those authorized. Until a deal is complete, it’s best to tell only your trusted professional advisors; ensuring they too keep the transaction confidential. Our intermediaries respect the need for confidentiality and have protocols in place for advertising, disclosing information and managing potential buyers in order to protect the seller and their business.

Salida can expose the opportunity to a large number of prospective buyers without employees, customers or competitors knowing the business is for sale.

When we market your business, we carefully select details that will intrigue buyers without identifying your name, your business or its location. A more detailed prospectus is only made available to qualified prospective buyers after they have signed a strict and detailed legally enforceable Non-Disclosure Agreement, and confirmed their financial ability to own a business like yours.

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