Mitigate the risks commonly associated with Business Ownership through buying a proven business that’s fit for you or your organization.

Whether you're looking to expand your market presence, acquire proprietary products, diversify your portfolio or expedite your personal financial independence, Salida matches you with opportunities that meet your organizational or personal needs and align with achieving your goals. 

Acquiring an existing business provides immediate entry into the market, saving you valuable time and resources. You’re able to capitalize

on established customer bases, trained teams of employees, operational infrastructure, and market presence, giving you a competitive edge from day one. You have the opportunity to carefully investigate that business and better understand how your skills, energy, creativity, passion and ideas can add value to the operations.


Our advisors take the time to learn about your organizations growth objectives or a personal buyers' lifestyle, business and financial needs to introduce you to future opportunities that meet your own predefined criteria. Once we’ve identified a business that’s the right fit for you or your organization, we’ll guide you through the process with the end goal of a ensuring a successful transaction and transition for all parties involved.


Our advisors are educated on current business financing options in the marketplace as well as general lender requirements. We regularly provide assistance and financing recommendations to our clients who require additional capital in order to reach their goals, as well as identify possible financing sources in consideration of a Buyer’s short-term and long-term needs.

Contact our advisors to discuss your growth objectives and business-search criteria and to become a Salida pre-qualified buyer.

Some Advantages of Buying an Existing Business


A proven business model

An existing business will most often have systems and processes in place, trained employees and management, and supplier relationships developed. Previous owners can inform buyers of past trials & errors as well as best practices in running the business.


Established customer base & reputation

When purchasing an existing business, you gain insights on existing customer

relationships (including details on any current contracts) and the value that

these relationships bring to the business now and in the future.


Immediate cash flow generation

Benefit from immediate cash flow and

financial stability. Acquiring a business with a healthy financial track record

provides a solid foundation for future growth initiatives and investment



Availability of financing

A history of profitability, well-kept records and financial statements and a business plan in place will aid in obtaining short term and long term financing from lenders.


Training provided by the seller

Most often in a business transaction, the previous owners will provide training for an agreed-upon transition period to ensure that buyers are in the best possible position operate the business.


Access to skilled workforce

Acquiring an established business most often means gaining access to a skilled and experienced workforce, saving a new owner the expenses related to hiring, training and retaining reliable personnel.


Diverse portfolio of products and services

Purchasing an existing business provides a new owner with a suite of products and/or services, which can be proprietary and often includes inventory systems as well.

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